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Whether you want to lose weight, manage chronic pain, get healthy, build muscle or just start moving again, Koko is the place for you, with a plan for you


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With a free guest pass you can enjoy a personal consultation with a certified FitCoach, demo the revolutionary Koko Smartraining System and tour our clean, contemporary studio.

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Whether you are new to fitness, or are just starting over, our tech-driven systems are designed to individualize the experience especially for you. Each time efficient Koko workout lasts 15-45 minutes, just 2-3 times a week.

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"Koko Fit is the “Cheers” of fitness clubs – where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came. Koko has a friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable staff. The best part is the virtual trainer on the weight machines. It sets your pace and amount of weight based on your latest strength test and your progress – all on one machine! The full body strength workout takes only 30 minutes, all on one machine. For cardio, they have treadmills and elliptical machines. You select a program, put on your headphones, and a trainer talks you through the different intervals of speed and incline. Did I mention the contests? You’ll have to find out for yourself! "


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"My most favorite gym.Ever. The staff trainers are really friendly and work with you no matter what your level or what questions you have. I started in July 2016 with the intent of getting in reasonable shape and now I’m in there at least 5 times a week. The cardio and strength workouts are personalized and quick. I’m now in better shape than I’ve been in my entire life and even back to running (injury free). The strength training sessions really make a difference. "


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"This is exactly the way I want my gym for, motivating coaches, always clean facility, friendly and helpful staff, use one machine only, no need to wait, and really get to my fitness goal! Highly recommend! "


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"I have recently started going to Koko fit Scripps Ranch. It is unlike any gym I have visited. They know me by name and they are happy I walked through the door. The coaches are great, especially when first getting started. They are with you each step of the way. Koko fit is the answer to a highly effective way to get results and use of time. "


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"Takes the guess work out of fitness. The Smart Trainer machines tell members how much weight to lift, how many sets, how many reps, and the pace that they should be lifting. "


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"Koko Fit has changed my motivation and given me the strength to rise and shine at 6 am. I haven’t felt this good in years. The coaches at Koko are amazing and really care about each member’s success. Thank you Koko Fit for helping me retrieve my fitness! "


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"I ❤️Koko! The staff are great and always friendly. I was out for about a month due to illness and Amy helped me get back into the swing of things. The Fit Coaches at Koko really want to see members succeed! "


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"Love everything about Koko. The staff are fabulous and friendly. The atmosphere is low pressure. Quick but efficient workouts. Fits easily into ones busy schedule. "


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"I’m really enjoying Koko. The coaches/trainers are helpful and encouraging. The Scripps facility is clean and the members are serious without being rude. "


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" I love this place!! Love the workout! The coaches are wonderful, knowledgeable and professional!! "


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"Love it and David is a great coach. I recommend it. "


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"The staff are all very nice and helpful! I love the smart trainer! "


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"Great workouts!! Highly recommended!! The staff is amazing!!! "


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"I only trust Koko FitClub during COVID because it’s small and clean and the staff are professional and fun.  I look forward to my workouts as a way to relieve stress, especially during these unprecedented times.  I highly recommend Koko FitClub. "

Cindy B.

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" I really enjoy working out at Koko’s. Steve and his staff are welcoming, knowledgeable and motivating. Love the Smarttrainer and cardio equipment. I highly recommend this FitClub!! "

Luisa M

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9860 Hibert St., Suite C3, San Diego, CA 92131