It’s something we hear as trainers every day: “I have been working out at XX Gym and yet I still haven’t gotten any results.”


We hear you and we sympathize. It is frustrating feeling like you stuck on a hamster wheel when it comes to fitness. But did you know that there are common gaps in your every day routine that are contributing to you not getting the results you desire?


Check out our video above for advice on where your current fitness routine may be falling short.


If your not in a position to watch the video right now, no problem! We will list the info down below!




5 Reasons Why Your Current Fitness Program is FAILING You:


1.  Your Cardio Isn’t HIIT.

Going to the gym just to walk on a treadmill or jog on an elliptical is not going to get you to tone up the way you want. Not to mention the calories you burn according to a Precor monitor are typically inaccurate because most people don’t calibrate their cardio equipment with their age and weight.
The fastest way to burn calories is through High-Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT). If the word “Intensity” immediately takes your mind away to an unachievable place of sprinting above 7.0 mph, don’t worry. Even if you’re currently a walker, you are able to do HIIT cardio workouts with variety to inclines and periodic speed walking.
At Koko, we have screens on our treadmills and ellipticals that will guide you through 15-17 minute cardio sessions. The screens have libraries for all intensity levels: moderate, intermediate, and advanced. So whether this is a fresh start with cardio or you’re a seasoned marathon runner, there is a guided cardio program for you.


2. You Don’t Know What to Do or You’re Doing it Wrong.

Two super common problem you see in Big Box Gyms is: 1) Gym-goers either flock to the same familiar machine they work out on every session, or 2) They use all the machines and 90% of the time their form is incorrect.
One is a problem because the gym goer will quickly hit plateaus because your muscles need variety and a challenge to keep transforming your body. The other is a problem because improper form will result in the correct muscle groups not being activated by an exercise. There’s very little benefit to working out if you aren’t correctly conditioning your body. Not to mention the risk of injury from improper form.
At Koko, we have patent technology — The Smartrainer — which guides you through your weight training. It’s just one machine that does over 100 exercises and trains all your major muscle groups. The Smartrainer does the thinking for you. It picks an appropriate weight, the number of reps of each exercise, and demonstrates proper form on a touch screen monitor. I know it sounds too good to be true, but no lie that’s how this thing works! Not to mention the Personal Trainers we have on staff who monitor the studio.


3. Lack of Motivation

If you hate the gym, chances are you don’t go! It’s time to find a facility and a workout program that you LOVE. Because while many adults don’t believe they are wired to like exercise, every body is, due to a lovey hormone called endorphins.
At Koko, we have monthly contests and reward systems designed to keep our members engaged and motivated to workout – even on the days where they just want to go home after work!


4. Progress isn’t being Tracked

If you don’t monitor the calories you’re burning and the growth you’re showing at the gym, you aren’t going to catch your plateaus. Plateaus are the bane to results! What gets you from Point A to Point B, won’t necessarily be what gets you from Point B to Point C.
At Koko, we track every step you take, every calorie you burn, and every weight you lift. How is this possible? Remember those screens I mentioned were on the cardio equipment and the Smartrainer? Well those screens have USB ports that allow you to plug into your workout. This way everything is saved onto your personal USB, known as a Koko Key, and can be backed up onto your online profile.
There’s a third machine I haven’t mentioned yet that works with your Koko Key — the Fit Check. The Fit Check measures your body composition. It check for two numbers: your Enhanced Body Mass Index (basically a body fat percentage) and your Lean Muscle Level (how many pounds of your body weight aren’t body fat). It’s a more effective means of measuring results than a scale.


5. The Other 23 Hours of the Day

This may just be the most important one on the list. Sleep, Stress, and a Poor Diet can all destroy the results exercise should be showing you. You can’t out-train your fork, and you can’t overcome the hormonal imbalances brought on by exhaustion and stress.
At Koko, we guide your nutrition with customized meal plans catered towards your goals, body composition, and activity level outside of the Club.


If one of these 5 holes are in your current fitness routine, come check us out at Koko for a no obligation, free 2 week trial! To know us is to love us, and we hope to meet you soon!
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