February is National Heart Health Awareness Month!


What are you doing to keep your heart healthy? Here are some fit tips from FitCoaches Nathalie and Nisha on how you can keep your heart healthy!



Fit Tips:

  1. Eat a healthy diet. Giving your body the proper vitamins and nutrients it needs keeps the cells in your heart healthy.
  2. Get regular exercise. The heart is made of muscle, and like all other muscles, your heart likes to be exercised. Regular cardio – about 30 minutes of elevating your heart rate a day – keeps your heart healthy.
  3. Limit your alcohol intake. 
  4. Get plenty of sleep. Giving your body a proper night’s rest aids in recovery and fights disease. Give your body the power to stay healthy by sleeping more than 6 hours a night.
  5. Take a fish oil pill if you don’t eat cold water fish at least 3 times a week. Omegas keep your heart healthy, so if you aren’t naturally getting enough through food, it is best to supplement with a vitamin.

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