It’s that time of the year! The time where many of us who had promised ourselves that this year would be different, start to drop off.


Being back in the normal work routine makes committing to the gym and cooking at night a struggle.
Kids being back at school and needing to be raced around to different extra-curricular activities makes grabbing to-go food more convenient.
It’s ever-so-slightly chilly right now, so it sounds way more relaxing to stay in and watch a movie than leave your warm home to go on a walk or do outdoor activities.


Excuses are easy. Commitment is hard.


Take this as your friendly reminder to re-commit to yourself.
An hour of your day spent moving and sweating makes a very big positive difference in your life.
You are 60 minutes away from endorphins and a great mood.
60 minutes from giving your heart the workout it needs to stay healthy and fighting disease.
60 minutes from from making a positive difference in your blood sugar levels (and preventing type 2 diabetes).
60 minutes from healthier bones and muscles.
60 minutes from stress-relief, a better night’s sleep, and improved memory.


Make 2018 your year! If you need help with motivation and accountability, know you have a Team of FitCoaches you can lean on at any time. We are here to help you succeed!


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