Every Saturday morning Old Poway hosts a Farmers Market.
Here are some of our favorite tents to grab fresh goods from.



The Old Poway Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 8 AM to 1 PM. There are around 100 stands to browse, each with their own specialty. You can grab meats, fruits, vegetables, organic treats, spices, pastas – you name it! There’s also plenty of food vendors you can grab breakfast and lunch from.


This is a kid and dog-friendly spot to start your weekend. Many of the vendors offer samples so you can taste their products. So you can try food you may be interested in incorporating into your diet.



Da Le Ranch

This is our first stop at the Farmers Market. We get all of protein from here – steaks, chicken, bacon, you name it!

Added bonus, this booth accepts credit and debt cards.


Bitchin’ Sauce

If you love spice and want a kick to your food and snacks, try some Bitchin’ Sauce! It is made with nuts and peppers and is similar to hummus.

Now this delicious dip is available in grocery stores. But you can try all the new flavors they are coming out with at their stand. Highly recommend Chi-ghost-le and Chipotle sauce! Get water though because these babies burn.


Spring Hill

Our guilty pleasure is cheese! We load about on all types at their stand.


We hope you get the chance to check out the local farmers market. Our parting advice is to make sure you have cash on hand! Many of the vendors are cash-only.


See you down in Old Poway!

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