Thanksgiving kicks off the most wonderful time of year. But, it also brings a lot of stress and distractions that can keep you from taking care of yourself. So here is our advice on how to make this Thanksgiving your healthiest yet, so you can keep yourself on track through the rest winter.


Weekend before Thanksgiving
 Get a good work out in. Really sweat.

Family probably isn’t here yet. Let’s take advantage of what will be some you time.


 Get a good night’s sleep.

You have a busy week ahead of you, make sure you are fully energized to take it on.

Need help falling asleep? Turn down the thermostat, make your room as dark as possible (no LED lights before bed), leave your phone in another room, and try meditating.

 Have a lighter workout.

Cardio, yoga / stretching, or do an at home workout.

Fight stress and stay on track. Even if you don’t have a full hour, make sure you dedicate some time to yourself.


 Sneak a workout in as you clean.

When you start cleaning and prepping the house, find a way to squeeze a workout in. Lunge while you vacuum. Squat while you windex windows. Dance while you dust.


 Take a hike.

Take company around some of the best views San Diego has to offer, and enjoy one of our local hikes.

 Eat a light, healthy dinner.


 Have a healthy, lighter breakfast.

Start the day with a healthy breakfast that includes lean proteins and vegetables. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for your metabolism and your mindset. Begin your day with healthy decisions and continue to make them throughout the rest of the day.

 Join Koko for the local Turkey Trot in 4S Ranch in the morning.

Turkey Trots across the United States take place Thanksgiving morning. Most Trots are 5-10 Ks that benefit charities and local food banks.

 Do a nice stretch post-race.

Stretching helps increase blood flow and bring oxygen to your muscles. No one wants to feel sore at the dinner table.

 Drink lots of water.

When you load up on water, your body feels satiated and your appetite is suppressed. This will help reduce temptations to binge eat food and drink alcohol.

 Pass the bread.

Bread is a filler that takes up space and calories that would be better spent on protein and vegetables. So when the bread basket gets passed around, let it skip over you.

 Add lots of salad and veggies to your dinner.

Vegetables help aid in digestion and get you the necessary vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet.

 Eat slowly.

It takes your body at least 20 minutes to realize it’s full. Take time to converse, have some water, and let your body realize how full it feels so you don’t risk overeating.

 Drink even more water, especially if you’re serving alcohol.


Enjoy the day and don’t stress to much about calories! We will be here to help you stay on track on Friday.


 Time to Koko.

We missed you yesterday! Come spend some time in Koko with a FitCoach. We can’t wait to hear how you spent Thanksgiving.


We hope you and your family and friends enjoy a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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