For a Limited Time Only Starbucks has Welcomed the Zombie Frapp!

But, the time it takes to work off your Zombie drink may last longer than its availability.


Nutrition Labels and Ingredients: 
First, let’s delve into the facts of what is in the Zombie Frappuccino! Here are the nutrition labels and ingredients, pulled from the Starbucks website.


How this effects our daily calorie surplus:
One gram of sugar contains 4 calories. So if we want to completely work off the sugar from a Grande, we have to burn 216 calories, and if we want to completely work off the sugar from a Venti, we have to burn 280 calories.
On top of this, there are the calories from fat in the beverage, and the calories in the frappuccino overall. But we will just focus on the calories from sugar for now.


How to work off the calorie surplus:
So what does working off 216 – 280 calories from sugar look like at Koko FitClub? Well you have some options!
Option 1: A typical Koko Smartrainer workout burns 200+ calories
Option 2: Double Cardio on the Treadmill or Elliptical (the more advanced the track, the more calories you’ll burn)
Option 3: A kick butt workout in the X Room with battle ropes burns 300+ calories


We love Starbucks! They keep us caffeinated and powered through the day, but part of living in moderation means exercising to keep a healthy balance between the calories when consume and the calories we work off.


So if you treat yourself this Halloween treat, by all means enjoy it!  Just come spend time with us afterwards, and we will help you sweat it off!

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