The New iPhone or a Gym Membership?

What’s more important: a new smartphone or adding years to your life and life to your years?


An interesting purchasing opportunity lies ahead. They say nearly half of America is interested in purchasing the $1000 iPhone X. Millions of people! So millions of people potentially sitting on their bums staring into the highest priced phone ever (a super cool phone, yes, but still). Yet investing in their health is expensive.


What is the value we place on material objects over our quality of life?
As I age I see the limitations that will someday become my every day. Some things we can’t avoid, but its the things we can do for ourselves that promote a long, active, healthy lifestyle that is literally priceless! The more I can spend time doing the things I love without pain or other limitations or losing my breath, the better!


Exercise keeps your immune system strong, increases lean muscle, strengthens bones, assists in weight loss , burns fat, helps with sleep, lowers heart rate, improves your mood, among other things.


Can your iPhone do that?




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