Hydration is essential for a Healthy Body and a Boosted Metabolism!

Your Body is 60% Water, so You Need to Stay Hydrated Thorough the Day!



Why is drinking water so important?
Boost Your Metabolism

Drinking water is the easiest way to boost your metabolism! By drinking 17 oz of water at the beginning of your day, you can boost your metabolic rate by up to 30%. Starting your day with a glass also helps activate your internal organs.


Proper Digestion

From the saliva in your mouth when you chew to your bowel movements, your entire digestive system relies on water to absorb and deliver nutrients and keep waste moving out of your body.


Muscular Health

Whenever you drink lots of water, the cells in your muscles are properly hydrated and able to efficiently deliver nutrients to the muscles and remove waste. Arguably the most important nutrient that water brings to your muscles is oxygen.


Joint Health

Your joints and spinal cord are surrounded and protected by water, so staying hydrated ensures their well being.

Water helps lubricate your joints! This is essential for athletes young and old to stay mobile and prevent damage and degradation.


Detox Your Body

Like we mentioned before, when you stay properly hydrated, the cells around your muscles are able to efficiently remove waste. The same is true for your kidneys! Kidneys need water in order to to filter waste from your blood stream.


Glowing Skin

Whenever you are dehydrated, your skin loses elasticity and is less supple. Staying hydrated helps to prevent dermatitis, aging skin, and dry skin infections.


Mental Health

Water doesn’t just keep your body hydrated, it keeps your brain hydrated too! Water supports healthy cognitive function, memory, and a positive mood.


Here are 5 Tips to Help YOU Drink More Water:
  1. Leave a big glass of water by your nightstand at night
  2. Keep a full water bottle at your desk at work
  3. Carry a water bottle around with you throughout the day
  4. Drink 2 glasses of water before each meal
  5. Log your Water with an app! (Waterlogged or FitBit)



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Comment below your tips and tricks for staying hydrated throughout the day!

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