Do you know if your wellness initiatives are working?

When it comes to your corporate wellness programs, do you have data to show that they are actually working for you and your employees?


With Koko, you can see what’s working

Our digital gyms are driven by patented technology and provide quantified results — both you and your employees know EXACTLY what is working.

Like a personal trainer for every employee

Every time they Koko, they’ll know exactly what to do, with interactive, 1:1 coaching on our patented strength and cardio training system.

Track progress online

Every session is automatically tracked on their own private, data-rich website, so they’ll see exactly how well their workouts are working, and enjoy seeing their progress online. What’s good for their waistline is good for your bottom line.

We’re Here To Help

We’d love to customize a plan for your company. Come see what Koko FitClub can do for you!


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