Did you know you could maximize the impact of your workout by properly nourishing your body before and after exercising?


Here are 5 Quick Tips from FitCoach Paige to help you fuel your Koko training:


  1. To maximize the results of your training try to eat a complete meal containing carbs, protein and fat 2–3 hours before you exercise. Reference your Koko Fuel Plan for some pre-workout meal ideas!
  2. The closer you get to your workout time the smaller your meal should be in order to prevent any discomfort during exercise. 20-60 minutes before your session stick to smaller meals or snacks that you know are easy for you to digest, such as a DotFit Bar or one of the snacks listed on your KokoFuel plan.
  3. Water is just as important as food! Drink plenty of water during the day and have frequent small sips of water throughout your workout. Koko Offers complimentary cups at our water stations- so feel free to take one and keep it next to you during your session!
  4. Experiment with different foods and the timing that you eat those foods. No two people are the same so find meals that work best for YOUR body and that you enjoy. Eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bad!
  5. Your Koko Fuel plan is full of recipes, meals and snack ideas, so check it out if you need some ideas on how to fuel your body properly! Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand-so make sure you are eating right and keeping up with your workouts!


Stay Koko Strong!

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